Winning Ways

A “people business”

By Mike Edwards, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Reviewing Murray Group’s success and growth, I was struck by the Group’s Managing Director Kevin Murray’s references to the business’ culture of positivity, agility and autonomy. These principles and the overarching focus on meeting the needs of its customers combine to highlight Murray Group’s focus on social factors.

In the current operating environment, digitisation, regulatory compliance, the economic backdrop and move to EVs dominate motor retailing strategy. However, we should not overlook the importance of social factors in car retailing.

The pandemic has accelerated a significant social shift in the way people live and work and for many their life expectations, especially from the increasingly crucial millennial and Gen Z generations. Alongside these, and quite rightly, we see the signifi cant focus on diversity and inclusion and well-being.

I was delighted to see from Kevin’s choice of words that Murray Group is addressing social factors. There is the reference to the business’ diversity and inclusion success and work in their local community. Add to this, long-term brand recognition success points to a culture sees Murray Group as a ‘people business’ in tune with the social shift we are seeing.

Car buying is moving away from the sales ‘push’ towards a car ownership journey. Well-led people and effective process/controls can be enhanced by people who are empowered to help, who have the autonomy to delight customers and who can do so with speed and agility. They give their business’ a vital edge. They are also the people we see leading the way in helping customers to understand the value of services such as GAP and SMART insurance and make informed decisions about services that enhance their car buying journey.

Congratulations Kevin and your team.

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