Winning Mentality

High Performance Retailing

By Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

The mental and physical preparation, along with an attention to detail required to be a success in high performance sport is often used as a metaphor for success in business. I have seen and heard many sports stars who have excelled in their chosen sport providing motivational speeches about the effort and commitment required to lead their field. Without fail, they have provided me with a boost, as they have to the people who have worked alongside me. Now, imagine having such a highly competitive sporting leader at the head of your business every day. It is probably why I found John Cleland’s story so inspiring.

A lesson I have taken from sport is the importance of the ‘marginal gains’ – those small actions, which when combined make a difference that customers and bottom line feel. John’s Volvo business is not exactly in the heart of a heavily populated area, so making every moment and action count is crucial to ensure the business stands out. This effort is evident in the personal handshake John gives every customer and through to an absolute focus on the Volvo brand; combined they ensure John Clelland’s is the expert Volvo buyers can trust.

Another sporting metaphor I took from John’s case study is the importance of a positive service and work ethic by the individuals in the team. I have a quote on my office desk; “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of work”. Written in the 19th century, it echoes John’s ethos for hard work personally and by his team and their responsibility to customers and to the business. I couldn’t agree more; this work and service ethic is central to the way we work and support our dealers and their customers.

Thank you, John, a great case study, packed with thoughts that reflect our own ethos.

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