Warranty Provider of the Year – AutoProtect

An innovative approach to added-value products has helped AutoProtect to deliver business growth year on year for the last seven years. This was only one of the factors the judging panel at the inaugural Motor Trader Quality Awards took into account when recognising AutoProtect as the Warranty Provider of the Year at the start of December.

The award acknowledged the impact of a programme of continuous development in improving the consumer experience and the ease with which dealers can confidently promote warranties. The result has been organic growth in the business’ dealer base and an increase at dealer level in the number of warranty products those dealers sell. Today, over 2300 dealers are promoting AutoProtect warranties across the UK.

The launch of the ‘Gold Plus’ warranty over the last year provides a clear indication of AutoProtect’s philosophy. It is a warranty designed to meet the ever changing needs of consumers and dealers. The product tackled consumer confidence concerns about extended warranties head-on, providing a flexible and extensive level of protection appropriate to today’s increasingly sophisticated cars and the technology that supports them. More than this, transparency has been placed at the core of the offer so that customers are well aware of the terms and conditions and the claims process. The impact has been positive on all fronts; dealers are confident in promoting it (with the product typically branded at dealer level) and consumers are happy to buy it.

Reflecting upon the business’ success, AutoProtect’s Northern Zone Sales Director Adam Head noted;

“We have a large and very experienced warranty team, but we have never simply relied upon this. In a changing market, we are proud to embrace change. We are working to ensure customers are well informed with access to the information that enables them to make a well-considered warranty buying decision. Then if they need to make a claim, we have also made this easier and faster than ever before. We are proud to have been recognised at these awards and will be back at work re-doubling our efforts to be better still”.