September 2016 – The Grand Tour Launch Date Announced

AutoProtect Review of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close AutoProtect has revisited some of the biggest motoring news stories of the year and brings you up to date.


Given the popularity of the Clarkson/Hammond/May era of BBC’s Top Gear and Clarkson’s departure from Auntie’s bosom (he wasn’t sacked, his contract just wasn’t renewed), it’s fair to say the petrol-headed trio’s return to our screens in Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour was always going to be viewed with great interest.

So how was it received? Generally it seems to have gone down well with critics and fans alike. Here’s just a selection of online reviews:

As one reviewer on wisely pointed out, previously the brand wasn’t Top Gear, it was three middle-aged adolescents making an entertaining show and the consensus seems to be, “… if you loved TG, then you’ll love GT.”