Business is good

Learning from the lockdown By Martin Hill, Group, Director Of Strategic Partnerships With attention now moving towards 2022, TrustFord’s CEO Stuart Foulds makes some astute observations about an environment where agility and lessons learned since lockdown one will have crucial roles to play. It is clear that new car supply issues, used car stock shortages, […]

Showing resilience

Pandemic Lessons Learned By Martin Hill, Group, Director Of Strategic Partnerships Almost 19 months have passed since the initial UK lockdown for COVID-19. The impact was commonly referred to as ‘unprecedented’, and for the motor industry and support services, such as those provided by the AutoProtect Group, this was unarguably true. Reflecting upon how the […]

The Pursuit of Becoming Greener & Leaner

By Martin Hill, Group Director of Strategic Partnerships This latest Dealer Insight provides a fascinating assessment of the potential for ground-breaking thinking and technology. In our rapidly evolving market, the combination of the pandemic, ambitious Government commitments to cut carbon emissions and a better informed, empowered and protected customer have and will continue to drive […]

The why of F&I

By concentrating on ‘why F&I’ there need not be a choice between revenue and customer value By Tara Williams, AutoProtect Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer In September the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will start its work to measure the success of the new rules for motor finance that came into force in January. The […]

The FCA Commits to Being ‘More Assertive’

The regulator is aiming for higher standards that will “require more judgement and less box-ticking” By Tara Williams, Managing Director at i-Comply In mid-July, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its first business plan under new Chief Executive Nikhil Rathi. After a challenging last year, Rathi accentuates the positives stating that the organisation; “acted with […]

Optimising retention and lifetime value

Re-imagining the roles of added value services The car retailing landscape has changed significantly over the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent shift to omnichannel retailing, new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules for motor finance, the emergence of online used car retailing brands, the increasing presence of alternative fuelled cars and the trend by […]

PCP & PCH – The SMART Addition

When it comes to car finance, PCPs (Personal Contract Purchase) and, more recently, PCH (Personal Contract Hire), have become increasingly popular ways to purchase a new or used car (often up to a maximum of five years old).

Customer driven

The long game By Martin Hill, Group Director of Strategic Partnerships As businesses seek differentiation in an ever more transparent, boundary free environment, fantastic service must be a winner. It can also help to move discussions away from price. And now, in an increasingly digital world, there is another crucial benefit – free advertising from […]