New collaboration with Automotive Media Systems (CALAS) widens insurance offering to leasing sector

AutoProtect Group are pleased to announce their latest partnership with the UK’s largest software provider to the leasing sector. Automotive Media Systems join a list of suppliers who have chosen AutoProtect Group to offer their clients an additional revenue stream and add value for the end user.

Through direct integration with the CALAS platform, AutoProtect Group can offer Lease GAP Insurance directly to brokers to sell as part of their usual sales process. Sales are supported by digital marketing assets in the form of email and web content which are automated through CALAS to minimise input required from brokers to enable them to start offering added value services to customers.

Speaking about the recent collaboration, Mike Eve, Managing Director at Automotive Media Systems, remarked:

“With AutoProtect Group being a trusted brand supplying award-winning products, we felt this was the right partnership decision for us to make. We’re constantly developing the CALAS platform and looking for ways to enhance our offering to our client base. Supporting revenue streams whilst creating total peace of mind for the end customer is a great way to do this.”

Mike Edwards, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at AutoProtect Group commented:

“In a world where, as an industry, focus on the customer has never been more important, we’re happy to be able to support and collaborate with other suppliers who share our goal of providing the best service possible. Our Lease GAP product, amongst others, provides a tailor-made revenue stream to leasing brokers with an extremely low barrier to entry. We’ve done all the hard work on our systems, digital services and APIs to ensure that they can be used by any size of business and sales can begin instantaneously.”