MotorTrader Paint Protection Feature

In June’s issue of Motor Trader, AutoProtect were asked to comment on their Special Feature: Paint Protection.

Jo Selby, National Sales Manager Paint Protection, has provided her response below:

Research carried out by Dealerweb last month found that a third of luxury car buyers bought paint protection in 2015 compared to 20% of buyers of volume cars. Is this your experience? Where is the greatest potential for increased sales?

Our own analysis suggests that where there is no structured approach to promoting paint protection – training, monitoring and strong dealer leadership engagement – then there is very often a sales perception that buyers of premium cars are better disposed to paint protection because they are more interested in their car and the image and status it reflects upon them. This need not be true.

Most buyers want their car to look good and the reflected positive impact that results from their car looking its best. Even if a customer’s budget limits their car buying aspirations, there need be no such limit on the positive perception it can create.

What training do you provide your dealer customers in terms of sales and application with paint protection?

We provide tailored training at dealer sales level to all personnel. It is important they know that all products are not the same and that the Williams brand is a sign of credibility and performance.

Similarly, the application and preparation process require rigorous training. We need to be sure that the coat is applied to the standards the Williams brand demands and that subsequently customers know the work has been completed correctly.

Customers benefit from a lifetime guarantee, certificate and an authenticity code, so that we can trace every pack sold back to source and who applied it.

These simple value added steps are all important in our view.

What can dealers do in the showroom to boost their sales of paint protection on used cars?

Create a rigorous process. Paint protection is a natural point of sale process, locking in the showroom finish as the customer buys their new or used car there and then makes absolute sense.

Dealers can use paint protection as a closing and marketing tool to differentiate their offer or as an added-value tool. The key to growing sales is simply to ensure it is offered every time to every customer and this should be a dealer leadership mandate if a dealer want to succeed.