May 2016 – Public Invited To Take Part In First Uk Trials Of Driverless Vehicles

AutoProtect Review of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close AutoProtect has revisited some of the biggest motoring news stories of the year and brings you up to date.


In October, a driverless car was tested for the first time in the UK by members of the public in Milton Keynes. The test took place in a pedestrianised area of the city with the electric car reaching speeds of 15 miles per hour over a recorded distance of two kilometers. With Google, Uber and Volvo making both big strides and statements in this area, the UK government is keen to keep the UK at the forefront of developing driverless vehicles.

The government has recently launched a consultation to explore how autonomous vehicles can be insured, as well as working to establish the ‘rules of the road’ for self-driving cars.

The proposals include changes to insurance laws so that, “Motorists who have handed control to their self-driving cars can be insured properly”. It also suggests amendments to the Highway Code along with redrafting regulations to, “… support the safe use of remote control parking and motorway assist features”. These changes are set to appear in the upcoming Modern Transport Bill. According to the Department for Transport, motor insurance will remain compulsory but will be extended to cover product liability for self-driving cars.