i-Claim; a new faster way to manage claims

AutoProtect is innovating yet again to make life easier for dealers and ultimately their customers! This time, we have developed a new digital application that accelerates the warranty claims process.
AutoProtect develop new initiative to support dealers and their customers

Two themes regularly dominate the changes we see in today’s automotive market; regulation and digitisation. On both counts, the outcome is to create or facilitate, what the FCA refers to as ‘a good customer outcome’.

At AutoProtect, we have opted to embrace this change. All of our energy has been focused upon developing initiatives to support a good customer outcome for our dealers. By doing this, we aim to make the dealer even more important and valued by their customers.

Introducing i-Claim

The next stage of this development is with us, let us introduce our new i-Claim application, courtesy of AutoProtect’s sustained investment in our leading edge AutoProcess technology.

Whilst behind the scenes there is plenty of smart technology, cutting to the chase:

i-Claim enables dealers to speed up the warranty claims process for their customers online. The new, easy to use service simply requires the completion of an online claims information, which can be uploaded along with any images and documents to support the claim and we will respond with a decision. There is no need to telephone your claim through and I’m afraid the fax will just need to get dustier!

Even faster payments

Being paid on approved claims once a repair is completed is equally as straightforward, just submit your invoice, again through i-Claim and we will pay within 48 hours. However if we have BACS details, that can even be within 24 hours!

Easy and fast for you and perfectly designed to help your relationship with your customer as well.

For further information contact your Regional Manager.