Explaining Electric Vehicles

Part of the solution

Author: Mike Edwards, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Research  published by Autotrader in July suggesting that 30% of franchised dealers had no plans to sell an EV until 2030 came as something of a surprise. The reality is that based on the current trajectory from 2026, there will be more electric cars that are sub-five-year-old than petrol or diesel. By 2030 when the ICE ban comes into force, the volume of three- to five-year-old stock will be predominantly EVs.

Commercially and socially, it is essential to be up to speed with EVs and the challenges of retailing them. For this reason, I am so pleased that John O’Hanlan highlights the importance of explanation and education for the customers in the dealership. We may be in a digital age, but there is nothing better than speaking to someone one-to-one when explaining EVs.

Online, concerns in the media about range and charging infrastructure run rampant. Talk to someone about their real-world driving need and the ever extending ranges of today’s EVs, notably BEVs and the accompanying running costs. These concerns can be addressed and long-term relationships formed.

Dialogue to explain EVs and how to run and operate them is good, not just for the car sale. A deeper relationship can be formed by listening to the customer to understand their concerns and driving needs. In turn, the relationship that is created can, and indeed should, be used to signpost services such as paint protection and GAP/RTI that meet some of the customer’s requirements.

John’s point about the ISE age being over is a great line. We know the motor industry is incredibly agile and will adapt to prevailing trends. The direction of travel is firmly with EVs. Socially, economically and not least of all environmentally, the wind is in the sales of EVs.

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