Doing The Right Thing for Customers Drives Success

AutoProtect Group is immensely proud to have been recognised by motor retailers as the recommended GAP supplier for a fourth consecutive year following research by Automotive Management.

Earning the trust of motor retailers and their customers is at the heart of the AutoProtect Group approach. To deliver upon this, a  simple business-wide mantra of; ‘doing the right thing’ for customers.

This simple customer-led principle is embedded across the AutoProtect Group in the organisation’s culture, products, processes and controls – and it makes a difference that customers feel and value.

In turn, appreciation for a job well done refl ects positively upon the dealers who have introduced AutoProtect products/services, helping their reputation and retention.

In terms of GAP/RTI, a successful claim not only places the supplying retailer in pole position to sell the customer another car but can help to create an advocate for that same dealer.

AutoProtect’s reputation and customer standing are reflected in the business’ industry-leading position on Trustpilot.

As of November 2020, AutoProtect is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot, the result of over 6000 verified customer reviews.

In the spirit of integrity and transparency, this customer feedback reflects customer experience from across our product portfolio, not just GAP/RTI as the following customer feedback illustrates;

The initial phone call to AutoProtect was efficient and everything regarding the documentation uploads was explained clearly. The guy, who handled the final paperwork and handled the claim, was quick, professional and helpful and it was all done in 48 hours.”

AutoProtect has grown in scale and reputation by re-inventing its products and support services consistently. An appetite for change and desire to be ahead of the change curve has served AutoProtect well, especially through what has been a very challenging year. Being an added-value supplier is about more than just products; it is also about standing side-by-side to support motor retailers.

The breadth of the AutoProtect Group proposition does that, helping to gain, retain and delight customers and assisting dealers in staying informed and compliant.

Leading-edge technology, a thirst to increase speed in claims, plain English documentation, apps that place customers in control of their claims and support to help dealers to provide a customer experience that embraces compliance are just some of the AutoProtect areas that dealers value.

Into 2021, AutoProtect will continue to be the value-added partner of choice for many dealers. In what is sure to be another year of change and challenge, the AutoProtect team stands ready to help.