Dealers Seize the Opportunity to Shine Today

Paint protection is a profit, customer service and retention opportunity for every dealer, so is your business realising its potential?

The product fits naturally at the point of sale; it helps customers to sustain that new car look and feel throughout their ownership, which in turn can help future values. The combination is a virtuous circle. Add in a brand synonymous with leading edge performance in the Formula  One environment, Williams and great service and training back up and success is all but guaranteed.

So how valuable is paint protection to your business today?  And what impact could a new, fresh approach make?

Alex Youngs, National Sales Manager for Paint Protection at AutoProtect, which markets the Williams branded paint protection portfolio in the UK observes;

Customers want to sustain that new car feel for as long as possible. In providing a service that fulfils this need the dealer develops a closer bond with their customer. This simple rationale can be embedded into the sales process ensuring a product that is good for everyone is promoted consistently.

Every year, millions of pounds are spent on car cleaning. What better opportunity than at the very moment the customers buy their car to offer a product that saves money, time and effort and will keep their car in tip-top condition? The key is ensuring they know the option is available to them. If it is never offered and explained then a sale and the retention opportunity simply will not be realised and this is all too often what can happen.

Customers want ease and convenience; this is absolutely true about car maintenance , yet too often the opportunity is overlooked

adds Youngs.