Dealers Can Benefit from the Forecast Bounce Back by ‘Building the Love’ Now

  • Four in ten consumers report a rise in anxiety or stress as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • “GDP is projected to recover rapidly towards pre-Covid levels over 2021, as the vaccination programme is assumed to lead to an easing of Covid-related restrictions and people’s health concerns.”
    Bank of England 04/02/21

“While the Bank of England’s forecast of a strong economic recovery from Q2 onwards is encouraging, there is much to be done in addressing the anxiety created by the pandemic if it is to be realised. The way forward is about more than price it is about care. Dealers need to start ‘building the love’ now,”

reflects Joff Suter from AutoProtect Group.

Joff Suter is very clear that in changed times, dealers can benefit by thinking and acting differently. At the heart of this is building a new relationship with their customers.  At the core of building a relationship is not just the car or its price but the business’ ethos and personality. Authentic, credible and personal communications can help to develop a new rapport that strikes at the heart of people’s fundamental need for security and safety.

“While I recognise the tradition of tactical, offer-led marketing, the current climate demands a broader approach to marketing. By sharing their personality, care, positivity and optimism, dealers can position themselves as being people who care more than just a car sale. Nor should this be a cynical ploy. If a dealers’ culture is built around customer-centricity, a new more profitable relationship can develop. It won’t be about selling the car and added value serviced, it will be about making it easier for people to buy a car and services that suit their safety/security needs.”

At the heart of Joff’s call to action is communication and a commitment to build momentum. Frequent messages that demonstrate care, personality, reassurance and personality can help to re-build confidence and develop a bond of trust with the dealer. As Joff Suter concludes, dealers can use the time they have available right now to make a positive step forward;

“With Valentine’s Day this weekend, it is an ideal time to kick off a sustained communication programme that can help change perceptions, differentiate a dealership and build pipeline business. Send the customer or their car a valentine’s message, avoiding any overt sales pitch. It may feel alien, but such an approach is designed to say; ‘buy us as a business and the way we care.’  It is about building a future pipeline. It is a model that many other major brands are adopting; dealers can do the same with an added personal touch.”