Explaining Electric Vehicles

Part of the solution Author: Mike Edwards, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Research  published by Autotrader in July suggesting that 30% of franchised dealers had no plans to sell an EV until 2030 came as something of a surprise. The reality is that based on the current trajectory from 2026, there will be more electric […]

Doing the right thing

“The cream always rises” By Tara Williams, Chief Compliance Officer What struck me in reading Chorley Motor Group Managing Director Adam Turner’s assessment of his business’ growth in this Dealer Insight was his focus on a single goal; ‘to look after people, whether that be stakeholders, customers, or staff; we want to do the right […]

AutoProtect Group expands suite of Car Care Products

At AutoProtect Group, we believe in providing products and services that are designed to suit the diverse demands and requirements you see from your customers. With that in mind, in November 2021 we launched a new car care product that makes cosmetic upkeep easier and more accessible than ever. Introducing Shine! Protect, our new cosmetic maintenance [...]

AM Dealers Vote AutoProtect as the Dealer Recommended GAP/RTI Supplier 2022

It is a privilege to have been recognised for the sixth successive year by the dealer community we serve as their Recommended Supplier for GAP & RTI. When it comes to selecting a business partner for GAP/RTI insurance, AutoProtect is proud to say the business’ service comes as ‘Dealer Recommended.’ It is an accolade that […]

Are dealers missing out?

By Mike Edwards, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Having spent most of my working life ‘retailer-side’ of the automotive industry, I became well-versed with suppliers letting me know that we might be ‘missing out.’ The sources of the stress that such a line addressed were everything from; technology to aftersales revenues, finance and indeed added-value […]

Inflation and the Increasing Role of Financial Certainty

By Mike Edwards, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Inflation measured by the Consumer Prices Index is expected to keep rising and is now forecast to exceed 10% by the Autumn. You have to go back to 1981 to see higher levels. For this reason, it is fair to reflect we are facing the worst cost […]

Winning Ways

A “people business” By Mike Edwards, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Reviewing Murray Group’s success and growth, I was struck by the Group’s Managing Director Kevin Murray’s references to the business’ culture of positivity, agility and autonomy. These principles and the overarching focus on meeting the needs of its customers combine to highlight Murray Group’s focus on […]

Sure and Stable

Total quality management. By Mike Edwards, Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Reading this latest Dealer Insight, one thing jumped out at me, the focus on Total Quality Management (TQM). I was delighted to see it and, in particular, the reference to quality in terms of the customer experience. TQM for Inchcape Mini Chelmsford is about […]