Build Reputation and Retain Customers

By Tim Hudson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

I applaud the team at Quest Motor Group for the decision to centralise their operations, embracing the digital trend that accelerated significantly during the pandemic. The combination of online and offline experiences, a long, local heritage, strong customer reviews can be a compelling one. Nevertheless, meeting customer expectations in a changing landscape means the need for change must continue; service, reputation, and trust-building will be ever more critical.

While the cost of cars and the nature of used cars means many people will still want to test drive a car, much of the purchase process will happen online. The early signs from the broader UK retailing sector are that the number of people visiting shops lags behind pre-pandemic levels. The shift to online is likely to mean fewer customer touchpoints. Every contact with a customer has to be tailored and memorable.

Quest Motor Group’s commitment to seeking out a national audience will, I am sure, be a common strategy. In the new omnichannel car retailing landscape, I expect a more significant role for added-value services. A quality nationally covered extended warranty will appeal to distance buyers seeking pre-purchase confi dence and create post-sale appreciation should a claim be necessary. SMART insurance is an outstanding customer delighter with a very high per cent of policyholders making a claim.  It is especially valuable with PCPs, helping minimise  any end of agreement wear and tear issues just when customers are in the market for their next car. In the changing market, we need to think and work differently to retain customers and build reputations.

My congratulations to Quest Motor Group for seizing positive change proactively. Be assured that at AutoProtect Group, we share your commitment to long-term evolutionary success.

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