AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Triple Crown

Taking your culture and values online

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect Ltd

It is fascinating to read the Burrows Toyota story and their success in delivering great customer service over an extended period.

Fascinating both because of the customer centred culture they have established and because of the clear challenge they face in taking this premium service experience into an increasingly digital retailing landscape. They are certainly taking the challenge on!

Digitisation creates concerns about commoditisation; price could be the only differentiator in car sales.

I believe the industry can address this risk by working to take its culture, values and ‘tone of voice’ online.

Steve Davidson is spot-on in noting that digitally “speed and quality of online response is crucial” when it comes to responding to internet leads.

Building on this, dealers can benefit by ensuring their online presence is full of information, personality and tools to demonstrate their ‘customer first’ ethos.

The tone of voice evident on digital communication also needs to be well crafted and appropriate. In the showroom dealers, even of the same franchise, are not the same; the same ethos can come to life digitally.

I know that with our online tools, customers are opting to buy added-value services rather than be sold them on dealer websites. We all have to work harder to take that great showroom experience into the customer’s home.

Do it right and people will buy both the car and ‘their’ dealer – for such a major purchase finding the right dealer should be part of the customer’s car buying journey.

Well done Burrows Toyota, we like your distinctive approach!

Read the full story HERE.