AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Regional Hero

Leading from the front

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

In today’s increasingly digitised car retailing environment, being a good community organisation is arguably more important than ever before. For a business that has been part of its local landscape for over a century, being a strong local presence is clearly a key element of the enduring success of Jennings Motor Group; that and a capacity to adapt their proposition.

The starting point in developing great local reputation is the people within an organisation. The level of long service within Jennings points to a happy workforce. This is clearly supported by a strategy that sees the team well-informed and engaged with the business strategy, processes and controls. The resulting low staff turnover means customers can rely on a familiar face and their long-term knowledge.

Another virtuous circle aspect of the Jennings approach is their active ‘good citizenship’ programme. The business’ commitment to ‘give back’ to their local community and help local good causes is something that Nas Khan recognises is important inside and outside the group. Nas was recently awarded an OBE for his charitable work, so he clearly leads from the front.

Traditional values sit comfortably with Jennings’ capacity to embrace change. Opening and leveraging an in-house Subway store to drive showroom traffic is an imaginative example of a smart, profit-making marketing initiative.

Jennings’ community strategies sit alongside innovation and digitisation. Giving more people more platforms to get to know and trust a business is an important lesson for us all.

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