AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Nicely Balanced

Giving support to a motivated workforce

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

Good processes, a high level of training and a motivated workforce. No matter what the product, these are the fundamentals of any successful business. Add in products that inspire confidence internally and with the target audience and a clear business mission, the result will invariably be a high performing organisation. This is exactly what Vertu’s SEAT operation in Derby has achieved. It is an easy formula to write, but often more challenging to deliver.

What Mark Currie and his team at SEAT Derby have established is that all-important factor; positive momentum. In our wide experience at AutoProtect, dealers with this attitude challenge themselves continuously and encourage us as their expert partners in added-value services to be part of their team. They welcome our training support, embrace performance reviews and appreciate our insights on the industry and our views on technology and regulation. They also challenge us to develop our support to help them and their customers. It is a pleasure to be part of such a relationship and as a team, we are happy to be kept on-our-toes with our dealer partners.

Arguably, our marketplace has never been more dynamic. The pace of change and the ensuing opportunities and threats are all around us. There is no time to sit still and no place for complacency. Processes need to evolve and training should be a daily event, as Mark and his team recognise. We are proud to be a business that shares this same ethos, helping our dealers to be fresh, relevant and in touch with today’s demanding customers.

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