AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Midlands Focused

Adapting to changing consumer needs

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

The way people buy their next car has changed and Arbury Motor Group’s focus upon awareness and culture is absolutely in tune with this shift.

As well as a focus upon the soft attributes that help make Arbury Motor Group a well­ known retailer in its Midlands heartland, the business has taken some sound decisions to mitigate operational risks and enhance resilience.

Diversifying the portfolio of franchise brands has been a key step in this process, helping to flatten product lifecycle issues and particularly in helping to develop the aftersales scope of the business. This case study provides a great example of the potential available from the
overall dealer product and service portfolio and how it can help to complement a wider customer experience that works for the dealer and customer.

We cannot underestimate the importance of developing a holistic approach in the ever­developing car sales model. The transactional sale of yesteryear has diminished significantly. What customers are seeking is a buying experience that they control and which resonates with the way they live and work.

Dealers who can create strong awareness and ensure that the purchase experience is effortless will be winners. Go that extra step to make it uncomplicated for the customer by taking care of as many of their car management needs as possible, such as servicing, reliability, safety, economy and image, and a dealer can establish a position that helps to drive sales, retention and reputation.

Services such as aftersales, warranty, GAP, SMART Insurance and paint protection all have a role in satisfying the customers car management needs.

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