AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Managing Growth

How processes and controls pay dividends

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

What most struck me about this month’s profile of Ancaster Group was the importance of good processes and controls, aligned to personality and purpose.

Stephen Wood and his team have developed processes entirely fit for purpose for his business, its brand and locations. The centralised contact centre and just in time stock delivery are wholly appropriate to the Ancaster business to maximise space and human resources. In the latter, this is about creating the space for the brand personality to be brought to life to benefit customers.

In added value insurance services, we are very aware of the importance of rigorous process and controls. Compliance and supporting regulatory principles are absolute core requirements but we are also committed to ensuring alongside compliance, promotional methods are delivered in an appropriate manner that is good for the customer and dealer and their long-term relationship. A universal approach that lacks the dealer brand personality is not the way ahead.

A promotional structure for insurance based on compliance alone, risks missing the opportunity to match the dealer’s personality and purpose. Our approach to training and supporting our dealers across the UK is to start with these two attributes and then tailor appropriate processes and controls. It is a methodology that means the promotion of these products becomes part of a wider natural sales and relationship flow that fits each dealer’s ethos.

Stephen and his team are clearly doing a great job; personality, purpose and appropriate processes are evidently working for them.

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