AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: Managing Change

Seeing change as a valuable opportunity to boost business

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, AutoProtect

Change is clearly something that WR Davies sees as an opportunity. Their pragmatic and considered strategic approach is to be admired from their portfolio swap of a franchises to the way they have adapted to regulation of financial services. Above all, through the changes the business reveals a very human approach to engaging with their team to get their buy-in and support.

I was particularly interested in Jonathan’s approach to marketing and financial regulation. In both, he is alive to the positive customer impact/experience and ROI implications and opportunities. It is a message that I am very passionate about. Embracing FCA changes and a shift in marketing/communication towards customer centricity in both spirit and letter can help the bottom line.

A little over a year on from the changes to the processes for GAP insurance and we see those dealers who have taken a progressive and controlled approach invariably increasing sales and creating a positive impact for themselves and their customers.

Financial changes have been mandated and dealers have had to react, but other changes such as the pressure on aftersales require dealers to chart their own course of action. I like the internal competitive rivalry that WR Davies has established for service plans. Our own assessment is that there is plenty of scope to increase the sale of this vital CRM/LTV tool, especially within used cars.

With change and uncertainty a daily part of today’s working environment, I expect Jonathan’s pragmatic, caring approach will serve him well.

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