AutoProtect Motor Trader Feature: GAP Insurance

In March’s issue of Motor Trader, AutoProtect were asked to comment on their Special Feature: GAP Insurance.

Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales, has provided his response below:
How are you developing your GAP products to be more customer-centric?

As a business, we are working hard to simplify our processes to make buying and using our services easier. Our ‘Make it Easier’ initiative reflects our desire to enhance transparency so that dealers understand our products, their coverage and the claims process to help their customers.

There is no single step to this strategy, but rather a programme of continuous enhancement, often leveraging emerging technologies and adjusting to the way today’s consumer prefers to interact with us. For GAP, we have simplified the claims process, made some processes and more accessible by including online and SMS communication, and reducing the number of steps in the claims process.

Our goal is simple; we want customers to buy products they understand and we want to make using them as straightforward as possible.

What sort of GAP training do you provide to dealers to ensure their customers choose the right product for their needs?

The ‘Make it Easier’ initiative is entirely relevant to the showroom and training is an integral part of ensuring dealers follow a process that supports informed buying decisions. From a compliance perspective, this is a core requirement, but more than this it is simply the right thing to do. The training can be undertaken locally, in a group and/or one-to-one basis.

Our updated training for GAP products is designed to ensure customers understand the scope of cover and claims process. We are using first-hand customer feedback to identify the key ‘moments of truth’ where the process can be improved and using this to shape our training.

Are you seeing more consumers buying GAP on the internet, bypassing dealerships? What does the dealership offer that the internet doesn’t?

The option is very much there for customers but it seems people like the sheer convenience of the showroom and the opportunity to ‘interrogate’ the product means the favoured sales channel remains at point of vehicle purchase.

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