AutoProtect Group No. 10 in Insurance Post’s First Ever Top 75 MGAs

AutoProtect Group has been recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent Managing General Agents (MGA) by the Insurance Post journal’s first ever Top 75 MGA  listing. Ranked at No.10, based on revenue, we are the only specialist automotive value-added product supplier to feature in the top 35.

Managing general agents (MGA) are specialised insurance brokers that, unlike traditional agents/brokers, are assigned with responsibility by an insurer for areas such as underwriting, pring, appointing retail agents, and settling claims. In our case, the business specialises in insurance-backed products for the automotive sector, including warranties, GAP and smart protection.

Reflecting on our new top 10 recognition, AutoProtect Group’s CEO Graeme Nieman noted:

“I am delighted to see AutoProtect Group featuring so prominently in the Insurance Post’s Top 75 MGA profile. Leading the specialist automotive value-added providers is a fantastic achievement.

“When asked by Insurance Post about our proudest achievement, I noted the group’s emergence from the pandemic as a stronger business than when we first entered it. In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, our agility, scale, and imaginative thinking continue to support a growing portfolio of retailers and OEMs.

“At the heart of our business is resilience and a deep commitment to our market. We’re here for our dealerships and their customers, always aiming to make them feel secure and valued. AutoProtect Group is dedicated to giving every customer the best experience possible.”

*Insurance Post’s Top 75 MGAs 2023 list was produced using data from Insuramore, which analyses insurance markets and providers worldwide.