AutoProtect Group expands suite of Car Care Products

At AutoProtect Group, we believe in providing products and services that are designed to suit the diverse demands and requirements you see from your customers. With that in mind, in November 2021 we launched a new car care product that makes cosmetic upkeep easier and more accessible than ever.

Introducing Shine! Protect, our new cosmetic maintenance plan that allows your customer to claim for minor cosmetic damage and receive an expert repair at a time and location that suits them. Customers get 7 repairs a year across a plan of either 1, 2 or 3 years in length, giving users complete peace of mind when it comes to life’s bumps and scrapes. Claiming is made easy with our mobile app; it takes less than two minutes to submit a claim and book a repair appointment.

The need for new and diversified car care products is evident from recent market insights. Currently, 44% of cars in the UK have some form of damage on them. 83% of this damage is either a minor scuff and scrape (1). What’s more is that 58% of consumers would definitely or probably not inform their motor insurance provider about a minor, non-claim incident involving their vehicle (2). The gap between the occurrence of damage and the number of consumers choosing to repair that damage demonstrates that traditional cosmetic repair solutions are failing to quite meet the market demands.

Mike Edwards, our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, reflects on a renewed requirement for cosmetic plans such as Shine! Protect in today’s economic environment; “The rising cost of living impacts customers and indeed the cost of repairs. Customers can protect themselves against such expenditure and, in the case of the Shine Protect Cosmetic Maintenance Plan, allay concerns that such claims could impact customers’ no claims bonuses. This peace of mind will be vital for a generation of people who have never experienced such levels of rising inflation and interest rates.” 

Inclusivity and ease of access are key to creating products that succeed in meeting society’s demands for speed and convenience. We have translated this demand into a product that includes ease of claim via mobile app and flexibility of when these claims are made throughout the plan to appeal to all drivers, especially the ever-more important Millennial and Gen Z demographic.

To find out more about how Shine! Protect could work for you and your customers, contact your usual sales agent, or reach out to us online here.