AutoProtect Gives Customers Control

Traditional claims processes for added value services can benefit from a more ‘customer-engaged’ approach; that is exactly what AutoProtect has discovered; the outcome is higher customer satisfaction and a faster process overall.

When today’s 24/7, ease of access-oriented consumer, meets the traditional administration and claims process for those added-value services they purchased with their car, the outcome was always going to be potentially ‘challenging’. As Mike Macaulay, Head of Corporate Sales at AutoProtect puts it;

“In so many ways the added-value services sector continues to operate with an analogue outlook; in today’s digital era it is not enough. Two years on from the launch of our first app, we have established how technology can facilitate the customer journey. In particular, by going a long way to removing the stresses that are a natural part of any insurance claim. Now, we have enhanced the bandwidth of our app. Today, it covers GAP/RTI, alloy wheel cover, SMART cover, and alloy wheel protection.”

The app, which is available on Apple and Android devices or as a weblink, requires a simple verification process to be completed and after that the customer is in control of their wider agreement management and any claims process as well. This includes the ability for customers to cancel their agreement. Now, while this last point may seem counterintuitive, the capacity to cancel is, in fact, reducing cancellations and building loyalty, as Macaulay reflects;

“Our experience with our app has demonstrated that the accessibility, control and transparency that are incumbent within it enhances customer satisfaction. They feel more in control and as a result, cancellations have declined. Good for the customer, the dealer and ourselves. Overall, people like to self-serve, but for those who don’t our phones are very much open for business!”

As well as maintaining their account, the app is particularly valuable in the event of a claim. The customer is immediately in control of their own claims activity and this simple step reduces time and confusion which, in turn, accelerates the approval process.