Always Improving

Evolving and adapting

By Mike Edwards, Group, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Having joined AutoProtect Group recently from a senior role in one of the UK’s largest motor retail groups, I’m aware of just how valuable insights and best practices from my fellow retailers have been. In our seventh year as the sponsor of Motor Trader’s Dealer Insight feature, I continue to be impressed by how motor retailers have evolved.

Lucy Bailey at Cotswold Motor Group is spot-on in highlighting the crucial importance of developing talent. Moreover, the necessity of ensuring this development focuses on creating a consistent customer experience whatever channel the customer chooses. Good for the customer, it is also crucial to compliance in F&I. It is a message that I know my colleagues in our i-Comply team would echo strongly, especially as the FCA focus on its Consumer Duty proposals evolves.

The need for consistency and a great customer experience must evolve as the motor retailing sector adapts to an increasingly omnichannel/ hybrid operation. The way people buy cars is changing and dealers’ operating models, products, services and the customer experience must adapt to meet this evolution. For our part, we are building F&I services and products that can support this change to help dealers. In terms of training, the customer experience and consistency has to be a priority.

As the shift to EVs gains momentum and for used car buyers, both areas where additional information and reassurance are likely to be sought, the quality of the personal connection, regardless of channel used by customers will be vital.

Even for online/distance customers, there is a link between face-to-face training and customer experience. Role plays can help people understand not just the process and selection of words, but critically active listening/ comprehension and personal energy as well.

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