Adding value to create a deeper dealer proposition

We have a very clear philosophy that there is a distinction between ‘upselling’ and ‘adding value’ at AutoProtect. For some, the difference may seem like a very fine one, but we believe that it can make all the difference for customers and the team seeking to help those customers in the showroom (and increasingly online).

Financial regulation may have guided dealers to focus upon creating a ‘good outcome’ for customers, but this is what we should all want and part of creating that good outcome should include helping customers to choose additional products and services that enhance their motoring experience. If these are never presented, then the risk is that we fall short of delivering that good outcome.

In a restaurant, we expect to be offered wine to accompany a meal, we then have the choice. That decision is then ours to make as a customer. In the case of the offer of wine, the waiter may explain the options and how they may suit the food; in the showroom, the paint protection supports the longevity of the car’s lustre, GAP provides peace of mind against the prospect of a financial loss.

In light of the changing way consumers find, buy and use their cars today, as well as for regulatory reasons, the AutoProtect Way maps a new route to success for added value services. It centers upon making the dealer proposition a deeper one.

In making their car/van buying decision, customers will commonly ‘buy’ the dealer as well as the vehicle. The transparent and proactive promotion of added value products re-enforces a positive impression. Providing product information on products customers can buy creates value in the breadth of the dealer’s offer, service ethos and integrity; it enhances the dealer’s credibility. This is especially true for today’s online buyer who is seeking reassurance about the quality of the dealer.

All added value products are not the same, sourcing the right products to suit the dealer is about understanding how it will benefit the customer. Everyone in the showroom needs to know the product features and benefits and be aware of the claims processes.

At AutoProtect, we have re-engineered our products and processes and this new approach is available to every dealer; the goal has been to establish a better buying experience that customers like, value and take advantage of. Here, there is no substitute for good training, aligned to an easy to buy process. Testing this belief has been very rewarding for us and our dealers. Customers buy products and services that enhance their motoring and which are easy to understand and buy when promoted positively.