A customer led model

Service and reputation

Author: Mike Edwards, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

As we look to the coming year, we appreciate that for many people and businesses, the environment could be a challenging one.

Therefore, it was great to read the Llanelli Motor Company insight story. Expansion based upon a strong track record of delighting customers is an excellent combination for any used car business. The ambition outlined by the business’ managing director Ian Jonathan, in the face of negative headwinds, is an example to us. It is one we share at AutoProtect Group.

Ian and his team’s starting point is an impressive customer-led model. Ian has noted that the business prides itself on honesty, integrity, and overall trustworthiness. Feedback ratings of 4.9/5 on Facebook and 4.8/5 on Google suggest they are doing things right and are willing to adapt.

The well-publicised cost-of-living crisis has bruised many consumers. While many people are looking to cut costs, according to Consumer Intelligence research, only selling their car came lower than insurance in the items people are looking to cut costs. Peace of mind matters. Promoting value added products successfully can help meet that need and also ensures that dealers are seen to be trying to help protect consumers from unnecessary harm; a key requirement of the FCA’s forthcoming Consumer Duty.

AutoProtect Group is stepping up our support for dealers to encourage them to realise the opportunities of Value Added Products. Longer used car warranties, our Shine Protect, a service that maintains the cosmetic appearance of customers’ cars, backed up by our national fleet of mobile technicians and GAP/RTI insurance, are just three of our products that spring to mind.

So let us look to 2023 with the type of ambition that Ian and his team demonstrate; it can be a good year, and it is over to us to make that happen by adapting to the conditions. My best wishes to all dealers in 2023.

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